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Employment Benefits Summary

For Your Good Health

Full-time employees are eligible to participate in the WMMC Health And Benefits Plan the first of the month following 30 days of continuous employment from their hire date. 

Medical: Vision:
  • $1000 deductible for individual
  • $2000 deductible for family
  • 20% member coinsurance
  • No cost preventative care
  • $20 copay for physician office
  • $40 copay for Specialist office
  • $75 copay for Emergency Room Visits
  • Pharmacy copays: $5/$20/$50
  • $10 copay for exam
  • $25 copay for frames
  • $60 copay for contact lens exam
  • $120 yearly allowance for contacts
  • $39 copay for retinal screening
  • 15% discount off laser vision correction surgery
Dental: Health Care Reimbursement Account:
  • $50/$150 individual/family deductible
  • Preventative care: 100%
  • Basic services: 80%
  • Major services: 50%
  • Orthodontics: $1250 max
This account lets you set aside tax-free dollars (up to $2550 per year) to pay for any out-of-pocket health care expenses not (or only partially) covered by your medical, dental and vision plan.

For Your Financial Security

  • Basic Group Life Insurance: One-year salary benefit paid by WMMC. The benefit minimum is $20,000 and not to exceed $50,000.
  • Supplemental and Dependent Life Insurance: You may purchase additional term life insurance for yourself—minimum of $10,000 and not to exceed five (5) times your salary or $500,000, whichever is lesser.
  • Short-Term Disability: This benefit is free to all part- and full-time employees. Short-term disability will become effective on the eleventh day of missed work and pays 33% of employee’s hourly rate for an FMLA-approved absence.

For Your Retirement

  • Pension Plan: All employees scheduled 40 or more hours a pay period are eligible to participate in the pension plan after one year of service. WMMC contributes a percentage of your gross salary based on your years of service. All participants are fully vested after three (3) years of service.
  • Voluntary 403(b) Savings Plan: This plan gives you the opportunity to save for your retirement, tax-deferred. You may contribute up to the IRS savings limit each year.
  • ROTH Contributions:  You contribute money that you have already paid taxes on.  Earnings in your ROTH account grow tax-deferred and when you retire, you don't pay taxes when you take a qualified withdrawal from your account.

To Help Balance Your Work and Personal Life

  • Paid-Time Off: PTO is WMMC’s program that combines vacation, holiday and sick time into one paid time off account. New hire full-time employees accrue 17.5 days a year. Part-time employees accrue on a pro-rated basis—based on the number of hours worked in a pay period.
  • Bereavement Leave:  24 hours of bereavement leave effective upon employment.
  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Account: You can elect to set aside tax-free dollars (up to $5,000 a year) to help pay for eligible dependent day care expenses.
  • Employee Assistance Program: This program is a free benefit to all employees that confidentially assists employees and their eligible dependents with personal and family related problems.
  • VHA Discount Program
  • AFLAC Supplemental Insurance Coverage


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