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Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) has teamed with the region’s quality health care leader, Saint Luke’s Health System, to bring area residents a higher level of care.
Thanks to our hospitalist program, you’ll get advanced care without leaving the area. Our full-time hospitalists are available 24/7 to meet hospitalized patients’ needs.

What is a hospitalist?

Hospitalists are internal medicine physicians who specialize in hospital-based care. These specialists coordinate all aspects of care for patients who are in the hospital.
Because they’re based here at Western Missouri Medical Center and dedicated to patients, hospitalists don’t have to cut your bedside visits short to rush to appointments at another clinic. You’ll receive high-quality care and full attention from a qualified, accessible, and caring provider.

Hospitalist Team

We have three hospitalists on staff. They are committed to providing our patients with high-quality care.

How can a hospitalist help?

You can count on our hospitalists to:

Provide personalized care—After you’re admitted, a hospitalist will visit you every day to evaluate and manage your condition, monitor your progress, and answer your questions.
Share information—Because hospitalists are on-site and available to see patients more frequently, they can keep all other caregivers updated on patients’ progress. This means that everyone caring for you is on the same page.
Partner with your primary care physician— During your stay, our hospitalist and your primary care physician will discuss your condition, treatment, and progress on a regular basis. The hospitalist will include your physician in all decisions regarding your care.
Coordinate additional care—If your condition requires any specialty or emergency care, our hospitalist will coordinate any tests or additional services.
Make sure you’re ready to go home—Because hospitalists are available 24/7, you won’t have to wait to be discharged. A hospitalist will oversee your discharge and will provide you and your primary care physician with detailed information regarding any follow-up care.

Does a hospitalist replace my regular doctor?

Consider hospitalists additional members of your health care team. These internal medicine physicians specialize in providing the advanced care you need while you’re hospitalized.
Your primary care physician will continue to care for you once you’re discharged from WMMC.

We bring advanced care to you.

We began planning our hospitalist program in 2010 to bring an advanced level of care to residents of Warrensburg and the surrounding areas. Partnering with Saint Luke’s Health System has made this possible.

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