WMMC Foundation Purchases Airvo Breathing Systems with COVID-19 Relief Funds

WMMC Foundation Purchases Airvo Breathing Systems (left to right): Karen Caldwell, Acute Service Line Director; Michael Lawson, Respiratory Therapist; Tara Carlyle, Strategy & Development Executive; Jennifer Koepke, CNO; Rita Riepe, Respiratory Therapist; Kathy Watson, Respiratory Therapist; Dr. Mark Plyum, Pulmonologist; Dean Ohmart, CFO

Warrensburg, MO (September 18, 2020)—The Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) Foundation Board has purchased two new Airvo Breathing Systems for $10,056, using funds from the WMMC Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

Small enough that it can sit bedside or used with a mobile pole, the Airvo Breathing System administers the high-flow via either a nasal cannula or a tracheostomy interface, depending on the patient’s situation. Heated tubing reduces the opportunity for condensation to build up, which helps ensure consistent therapy. The Airvo, which is not the same as a ventilator, was chosen because of the innovative technology and the success rates that have been proven through its use.

Dr. Pluym, Pulmonologist, said, “the Airvo provides oxygen at high pressure and flow rate,” he said, adding that the Airvo may help prevent the need for mechanical ventilation and can help manage some critical COVID-19 patients. This technique involves providing high-pressure, humidified and warm oxygen to patients through their nose to allow self-breathing, without the need to put them on ventilator support.

The Airvo systems were purchased using funds donated to the WMMC Foundation. In April, the WMMC Foundation announced its newest campaign, the COVID-19 Response Fund, which will assist WMMC in areas of most critical needs during the pandemic. Shortly after funds started to come in, Dr. Pluym asked the foundation for two Airvo systems, stating that they would also prove to be beneficial for patients with pneumonia or other conditions that require more oxygen than can be delivered by a traditional nasal cannula.

“Thank you to the generous community members who graciously donated to the COVID-19 Response Fund,” said Kathleen Brandt, WMMC Foundation Board President. “We had numerous individuals and businesses ask what they could do to help, and opening this fund proved to be beneficial during the pandemic.” Over $21,000 was raised for the COVID-19 Response Fund through donations from local community members and organizations.

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