The Kinde Family Story: My Partner for Labor and Delivery

The Kinde Family Story:

My Partner for Labor and Delivery 

Derik and Taylor Kinde with their baby girl, Cora Lynn.

Taylor and Derik met at the University of Central Missouri (UCM), and after years of college and some travel, they finally found their way back to Warrensburg and delivered their baby girl at Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC). This is their story of why WMMC is their partner for labor and delivery.

Finding The Right Provider

When Taylor and Derik realized they were pregnant, they immediately knew they needed to begin the search for the perfect place to bring their baby girl into the world. But between Taylor’s career at UCM, working towards her doctorate, and her family’s home in Sedalia, she needed somewhere close to make all the appointments during her pregnancy.

“I work at the university, so having a doctor that was in such close proximity to where I work made it easier,” Taylor said. “I could go to appointments over lunch or towards the beginning or the end of my workday.”

Taylor was open to delivering with a certified nurse midwife or a doctor, but after a couple of appointments at Western Missouri Women’s Health Center she knew who she wanted to deliver her baby.

“The moment I met Dr. Lynn Birchmier I absolutely fell in love with her,” Taylor said. “I felt really connected to her. She’s very matter of fact, but she always made me feel at home.”

From every doctor’s appointment, to lab appointment, to ultrasound, everyone at WMMC will make you feel comfortable and provide the care that you deserve.

Delivering at Western Missouri Medical Center

Taylor was induced on March 9th, and the process started off easy. After checking in to her delivery room, she started to get comfortable – the nurses warned her it could be a long couple of days, depending on how fast the baby came.

“I wanted to have a natural birth,” Taylor explained. “I never took any medication during my pregnancy, and I wanted to set up the delivery room so that I would be comfortable. The staff was great about letting me put up my essential oil diffuser, and let me put on my own cute pillowcase and blanket and they really let me make it my own.”

Taylor and her husband, Derik, spent hours walking the halls and stairs to help with the delivery process, and the staff were constantly saying hi or wishing their family luck. Taylor said that all of the nurses were so kind, and especially mentioned Twila and Katie. She loved how the nutritional staff would accommodate anything she needed, any hour of the night.

“I liked Western Missouri Medical Center because it was big and looked very nice, but wasn’t so big that you feel overwhelmed or get lost. It was so warm. It felt like home,” She said.

After a lot of work, no epidural, and encouragement from all the nurses and Dr. Birchmier, at four in the afternoon on March 9th, Cora Lynn Kinde came into the world. Taylor got to hold her immediately, and just thirty minutes later was walking around holding her baby girl.

A Beautiful Journey

“It was the most beautiful journey, and we owe that to the doctors because they made that journey so special and made us feel so at home,” Taylor said. “Everyone is so kind and makes you feel comfortable and reassures you, and it just makes you feel very at home and very special.”

Dr. Birchmier comforted her throughout the whole process; and Taylor loved the whole atmosphere WMMC.

“It was wonderful to care for the Kindes and get to know them,” said Dr. Bichmier. “I was honored to be chosen to be a part of their birth experience and look forward to watching their family grow!”

Cora Lynn was born on March 9th, and is now over a year old and happily seeing Dr. Brewington at Central Family & Sports Medicine. The Kindes couldn’t be happier with their experience, and plan on delivering all of their future children at Western Missouri Medical Center.

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