Neurology in Warrensburg, MO

Western Missouri Specialty Services – Neurology

At Western Missouri Specialty Services – Neurology, affiliated with St. Luke’s Health System, we concentrate on focused care with a team of board-certified physicians that treat a variety of neurological problems. With our state-of-the-art MRI, CAT scanner, EEG machine and our newest piece of cutting edge equipment, a Natus EMG machine, testing is completed in a timely fashion and with quality images and results. Because of our affiliation with St. Luke’s Health System, we can offer clinical research trials to test cutting edge new treatments for various conditions.


Scott Fisher, M.D. Karen Olds, M.D. Rola Mahmoud, M.D. John Eatman, M.D.


Alzheimer’s disease Choreas Dementia Stroke Dystonias Epilepsy Huntington’s disease Memory disorders Migraine headaches Multiple sclerosis (MS) Myasthenia gravis Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) Parkinson’s disease Peripheral neuropathy Stroke, TIA and other Cerebrovascular disorders Tics and Tourette Syndrome EMG testing