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Patient billing at Western Missouri Medical Center is here to work with you. WMMC participates in many different health insurance plans. To learn more about our participation in insurance plans, the policy regarding co-pays and insurance terminology, view the links and info below.

Commercial Insurance

If you have commercial insurance, WMMC will file your bill with your insurance company. Some insurance companies must give approval prior to receiving services. You or your physician’s office may need to obtain that approval. If you need help acquiring approval from your insurance provider, WMMC will work with you, your physician and your insurance company.

Patients who have commercial insurance are responsible for payment of deductibles and co-insurance not paid by insurance, as well as any non-covered charges.

If you have questions, you may find your answer in the Patient Billing FAQs.


WMMC is a Medicare provider and will file your bill to Medicare. Unless you have another insurance or Medicaid, you will be responsible for your deductible and co-insurance, as well as any non-covered charges. If you have insurance or Medicaid that pays after Medicare, WMMC will file your bill once Medicare payment has been received.


WMMC is part of the Medicaid programs in Missouri. We will file your bill to the appropriate Medicaid program. You will be responsible for any co-pay assessed by Medicaid.

Learn more about applying for Medicaid

Non-Covered Services

You will be responsible for any services not covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.

Financial Assistance

Western Missouri Medical Center is dedicated to providing quality, accessible healthcare to everyone. Our policy is to provide services without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and handicap. WMMC will provide services for those patients who have emergency conditions and/or can demonstrate that they do not have adequate financial resources to pay for the care.

Federal and state laws require all hospitals to seek payment for care provided. This means unpaid bills can ultimately be turned over to a collection agency, which can affect credit status. Therefore, it is important to contact Patient Accounts if you think you may experience a problem with paying your bill. We treat all questions and personal information with confidentiality and courtesy. We have trained Financial Counselors on staff who can help with your financial assistance options, including payment plans.

Learn more about the Financial Assistance Application