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Western Missouri Medical Center Pharmacy

Western Missouri Medical Center’s Pharmacy Department provides excellent patient care services through accurate medication dispensing and current drug information in both our inpatient and retail care areas. Our goal is to go above and beyond the expectations of our patients and meet medication needs in a timely manner while focusing on and maintaining patient safety. The pharmacy provides clinical and drug information services valuable in supporting the best in pharmaceutical care and patient outcomes to patients, physicians, and nursing staff.

Our retail pharmacy is conveniently located on the second floor, above our Main Entrance, and offers the convenience of one-stop shopping. With services designed to meet your needs, we will provide expert care and help patients make the best use of their medications.

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

Antibiotics have transformed the practice of medicine, making once lethal infections readily treatable and making other medical advances, like cancer chemotherapy and organ transplants, possible. However, patients who are unnecessarily exposed to antibiotics are placed at risk for serious adverse events with no clinical benefit. The misuse of antibiotics has also contributed to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, which has become one of the most serious and growing threats to public health.


To learn more about this, you can talk to your local doctor or learn more from the documents below.

CDC’s Statement on Antibiotic Resistance

Viruses or Bacteria – What’s got you sick?

Antibiotics Aren’t Always The Answer


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