Plain Language Summary of our
Financial Assistance Policy (FAP)

Western Missouri Medical Center is dedicated to providing quality, accessible healthcare to everyone. Our policy is to provide services without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and handicap. WMMC will provide services for those patients who have emergency conditions and/or can demonstrate that they do not have adequate financial resources to pay for the care.

Federal and state laws require all hospitals to seek payment for care provided. This means unpaid bills can ultimately be turned over to a collection agency, which can affect credit status. Therefore, it is important to contact Patient Accounts if you think you may experience a problem with paying your bill. We treat all questions and personal information with confidentiality and courtesy. We have trained Financial Counselors on staff who can help with your financial assistance options, including payment plans.

Below is a list of providers and services that work with WMMC patients, but bill for those services separately.

Radiology Providers Billing (United Imaging Consultants, LLC)
(888) 960-1393

DISCLAIMER: Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) is committed to providing financial assistance to qualifying persons who need emergency or medically necessary care. Financial Assistance (FA) is determined on a case by case service basis, if you have additional service(s) you must reapply. The primary service area of WMMC is defined in WMMC’s strategic plan. The towns included in WMMC’s primary service area are: Centerview (64019), Chilhowee (64733), Concordia (64020), Higginsville (64037), Holden (64040), Kingsville (64061), Knob Noster (65336), Leeton (64761), Warrensburg (64093), and Whiteman Air Force Base (65305). We use current federal poverty guidelines to determine how much help each patient may receive. Financial Assistance is determined on a case by case service basis.

What Documents You Need to Apply for Financial Assistance

  • Current Income Tax Return (form 1040,1040A, 1040EZ, Schedules C, E, and F is applicable)
  • Payroll check stubs for the past 30 days
  • Current Medicaid denial – Visit a Human Arc representative located in the hospital’s Patient Access Department.
  • Copies of social security, disability income, unemployment, alimony, child support, dividends, interest, rental income, or any other income.
  • Proof of primary residence (state issued ID or other requested documentation in the absence of an ID, for example lease agreement, utility bill, etc.)

Setting Up a Payment Plan

If a patient is approved for financial assistance, that patient must set up a payment plan if the balance due cannot be paid in full. If a patient does not make the payments as agreed, we may send the patient’s account to a collection agency. Regardless of Financial Assistance there will be a
minimum payment at time of service(s). Patients will be asked to make the aforementioned payment at the time of service based on eligibility.

Your application will be processed within 30 days after it is received. The Financial Assistance Committee will review your application and mail you a letter of approval or denial. If approved, your application will be valid for three (3) months for charges incurred as a result of medically necessary and/or urgent visits, and we will consider additional WMMC accounts as subject to such approval for financial assistance during that period of time. If you are currently subject to a payment plan, we will re-evaluate your payment plan upon addition of other charges in order to ensure that payments remain appropriate in relation to both the agreement and the balance(s) due.

*In the case that a payment plan is needed, you will also need to submit the Financial Assistance Payment Plan Form.

Additional FAQs

Organization Matters
Patients should keep their medical bills organized and contact the facility or physician indicated on the bill for payment. When you seek medical care at one of our facilities, you may receive multiple bills. Each bill represents a separate set of charges. For example, if you come to the Emergency Room (ER) and the ER physician orders an x-ray, you will receive a minimum of three bills: one for the ER charges, one for the ER physician’s charges, and one for the radiologist’s charges. It is important for you to organize and pay each bill appropriately. In general, one facility cannot process or explain another entity’s bill.

Why am I getting this bill?
When you receive services at Western Missouri Medical Center or one of our locally owned facilities, you may receive bills from multiple providers. Professional (physician) services and facility services are billed separately. WMMC also partners with other physicians to ensure we can provide the very best care. Therefore, it is necessary to send separate bills for the various services provided. If you have any questions about your bill, please call the customer service number on that bill.

What are your responsibilities?
It is your responsibility to give us accurate and complete demographic and billing information. WMMC will file your claims, but it is very important to have accurate information, including subscriber and insurance information. If you move, change your name, change jobs, or have a new insurance provider, please be sure to bring that to our attention upon registration.

Responsibility Matters
While you may have insurance or feel that a third party should cover your treatment, the ultimate responsibility for the payment of your account is yours. WMMC can and will bill third party payers, and will make reasonable attempts to collect. If we are unable to properly collect from a third
party payer, we may seek payment from the patient.

Ready to Apply?

Apply for Financial Assistance

For questions on Financial Assistance, please call (660) 262-7396 or visit our patient billing page for more information on insurance and billing.