Kris’s Story: My Partner for General Surgery

Dr. Amira Ghazali, General Surgeon at WMMC, and Kris Tracy, colon cancer survivor.


Kris Tracy had a complicated case of colon cancer that was not easy to face – luckily, she didn’t have to do it alone. This is her story of why Western Missouri Medical Center is her partner for advanced surgery.


Keeping Hope

Kris was not feeling well, but as a practicing LPN for years, she brushed off her nausea – surely it was just a bug she would get over. A few days later, her illness was uncontrollable, and her husband rushed her to Western Missouri Medical Center’s (WMMC) Emergency Room.

After a concerning x-ray and colostomy, Kris was diagnosed with colon cancer. Kris has never been sick before, and the colon cancer came as a huge shock to her and her husband.

“You never think it will be you,” Kris said. “When you hear the statistics, you always think it is someone else that will be diagnosed with cancer – not me.”

She immediately began searching for the best possible care. When she discovered that WMMC had a team of board-certified general surgeons, she made an appointment with Dr. Amira Ghazali, General Surgeon at Surgical Services of Warrensburg. Kris was nervous and worried about the fear that there wouldn’t be any solutions for her condition.

“I felt connected with Kris right away,” Dr. Ghazali said. “She had a lot of questions and I had the answers to make a plan of care with her.”

After answering all of Kris’s questions, they created a journey that would bring Kris to recovery.


An Unexpected Discovery

In July of 2018, Kris and Dr. Ghazali went into surgery expecting to find a tumor the size of a golf ball – but it had unexpectedly grown to the size of a cantaloupe. While the cancer growth had quickly made the procedure much more complicated, Dr. Ghazali was prepared and completed the surgery.

Kris’ recovery was incredibly complicated because of the size of her tumor, but WMMC supported her through every step of the journey.

“I feel so proud that WMMC has a specialty team that collaborates to provide a full range of care for my surgery patients,” says Dr. Ghazali. “We have advanced surgery equipment and services such as endoscopy, pulmonology, a wound center, and oncology – all needed for Kris’s complicated journey.”

It is vital to WMMC’s surgeons that all of our patients receive the best care possible. With their collaboration, Kris’s positivity, and diligence, Kris was able to reach a full recovery.

Kris ringing the bell signifying the completion of her last cancer treatment and entering into remission! 


It Could Be You

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in both men and women. A colonoscopy at age 50 can lower the risk of colon cancer and potentially save your life. Don’t wait – schedule your colonoscopy today.

“There are three most important things you can do to help prevent colon cancer,” Dr. Ghazali says. “That is – screening, screening, and screening. A colonoscopy is the best way to prevent colon cancer.”

We know that a cancer diagnosis changes your life, but we also know that there is hope. Surgical Services of Warrensburg has been helping patients with diagnosis, treatment, and recovery for over 20 years to the Johnson County Community.

Please help us share our message of the importance of preventative screenings by sharing Kris’ story!

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