Amy and Kyle’s Story: Our Partner for A Surrogate Pregnancy 

Kyle, Amy, baby Piper and Paige after Piper’s arrival.

Amy and Kyle had been dreaming about being parents and wanted start a family of their own in South Lake Tahoe, California. However, when Amy was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer and part of her treatment included being placed on a ten-year hormone therapy treatment plan pregnancy wasn’t an option for her.

Devastated her and her spouse, Kyle, began searching for answers. This is their story of how Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) was a part of helping them achieve their dream of having a baby.

The “Wright” Person

Looking for any avenue that would allow Kyle and Amy to have a family, they came to the answer of surrogacy and started working to find the right match. After years of waiting anxiously, they were connected with Paige Wright who had all the right qualities they were looking for. Paige had a positive and beautiful personality, understood motherhood through her own three children, and the best part was that Paige was an Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at Western Missouri Women’s Health Center.

They soon met Paige and decided she was a perfect match. She said she was inspired to become a surrogate from all the people she had met during her time as an LPN that wanted to have children but couldn’t.

Amy and Paige became very close during the pregnancy.

“She realized how difficult it was for some couples to achieve parenthood and understood that we wanted to have the joy of having a child; and the fact that she wanted to help us achieve this dream of ours was incredible,” Kyle stated. “We were so grateful that someone had it in their heart to be willing to go through all that to let a couple like us be able to have a child that we really have been dreaming of.”

Excited but anxious, Kyle, Amy and Paige started their surrogate journey together to bring baby Piper into the world.

Across Country Pregnancy

Starting this journey Amy and Kyle were apprehensive of being 1,700 miles away from their conceived child. In addition to the standard pregnancy appointments, a surrogate pregnancy is considered high risk and require extra attention. While Paige was happy to let Amy and Kyle be a part of every step of the journey, they were only able to come and visit Paige a few times during her pregnancy. They decided they could fly in to visit Paige once every three months for an ultrasound to see their baby’s development.

“It’s difficult having someone across the country that you would like to see all the time but Paige communicated on a daily basis. She would send updates and pictures and even do video conferences at appointments,” Amy said.

The pregnancy wasn’t easy for either the future parents or for Paige but they would soon have the ending they had been dreaming of.

Delivery Day

Since Paige’s pregnancy was high risk, Paige was induced at 39 weeks to avoid any unnecessary complications. Not wanting to miss the birth of their child they had been waiting so long for, they made the decision to fly in a few days before Paige was supposed to be induced.

“We so excited, but we were so stressed,” Kyle said. “We were finally at the day that we had been dreaming of for years.”

Paige went into labor, and from the moment that Amy and Kyle arrived they felt like family. Dr. Gregory communicated to them how Paige was induced and why they were trying to keep the delivery as natural as possible and the nurses did everything they could to make sure that Kyle and Amy felt like they were a part of the process.

The Jacobsons leaving WMMC as a family of three with their new miracle baby.

“There is a lot of physical and emotional stress that goes into the surrogacy process but the moment when we saw Piper for the first time it was all worth it,” Amy said. “Once our baby was born they made us feel like we were the ones that had the baby. I immediately got to hold Piper and do skin-to-skin with her.”

While Paige was recovering and delivering in one room, Amy and Kyle were able to be in the room next to her while Piper was being monitored. Delivery went as smooth as possible and Paige recovered while Amy and Kyle were overjoyed with their new family member.

Amy and Kyle’s Message to Other Couples: WMMC Feels Like Family

Amy and Kyle quickly agreed on two things – the WMMC team made them feel like parents and they definitely didn’t want to leave.

“We are so grateful that everyone at WMMC made us feel like family and like we were Piper’s parents from the moment she was born,” Amy said. “The staff was able to give us that experience and it’s probably the only time in our lifetime that we will get to have that experience.”

The Jacobsons Back Home at Lake Tahoe, CA

Amy, Kyle, and Paige all choose Western Missouri Medical Center as their partner for Labor and Delivery as a birthing center that helps all types of families and pregnancies feel special. To learn more about WMMC’s Labor and Delivery, visit


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