Inpatient Hemodialysis

Inpatient Hemodialysis IN WARRENSBURG, MO

Inpatient Hemodialysis

Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) now provides inpatient hemodialysis! WMMC in a partnership with Sanderling Renal Services (SRS), now offers nephrology consultation through a secure telemedicine portal. This service enables patients to stay closer to home and avoid the long drive to Kansas City or Columbia for renal care.

Dialysis is needed for chronic kidney disease or when an individual’s kidneys can no longer remove waste and fluid from the bloodstream. Hemodialysis is the process of filtering blood and returning it to the patients’ bloodstream through a machine that mimics a heartbeat. This process removes waste, eliminates extra fluid and restores electrolytes as the blood leaves and returns back to the body.

By receiving hemodialysis at WMMC, patients in need of emergent nephrology consultation and possible dialysis, patients can still see their primary nephrologist and receive any required inpatient dialysis, right here at home.


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