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               Bob Mickey (left) with Dr. Aaron Rupp (right)

Warrensburg, MO (March 08, 2021) — Bob Mickey, a long-time resident of Holden, Missouri, severely injured his knee at 16 years old. After the injury and a 40-year search for answers, his pain and mobility issues would end with Dr. Aaron Rupp at Western Missouri Bone and Joint.

This is Bob’s message that you can solve your pain with excellent orthopedic surgery and rehab.

The Early (and Life-Long) Damage

Bob’s orthopedic issues would begin with a severe knee injury at 16. At 19, he would experience a similar injury just as extreme in his other knee. This injury would take him out of high-intensity sports for the rest of his life and create a life-long series of pain and mobility issues that would worsen over the years progressively.

“I loved playing sports,” Bob said. “I played football and track competitively, and at 16, when I blew my knee out, you could hear the crack on the field. It was the worst pain of my life.”

Bob was disappointed when he realized he would never play his favorite sports again, and he would spend decades looking for answers to the discomfort and pain that had significantly impacted his life.

“By my mid-forties, my knees were not just stiff or uncomfortable anymore, and the pain started getting worse,” Bob said. “I had started power walking as a rehab, and it definitely helped, but the stiffness would never fully go away.”

Bob would keep finding “band-aid” cures or ways of coping with the strain he felt in his knees. He would have several surgeries, but eventually, the pain would become so intense that his left knee began to bow in and was too painful to walk on.

At 58, he knew seeking surgery was the answer, and he began his mission of finding a great surgeon that would give him his active lifestyle back.

Seeking Surgery and Success

Doctors have told Bob that he had many issues – a lack of cartilage in both knees causing a bone-on-bone situation, a completely detached ACL, and his entire knee structure looked like that of a 90-year-old. Bob would have his first knee replacement surgery at a Kansas City facility with a highly recommended doctor.

Three years after his first successful knee replacement, he would decide on a second knee replacement surgery on his right knee with Dr. Aaron Rupp at Western Missouri Bone and Joint. Bob grew to know Dr. Rupp through the WMMC Foundation and trusted him to give care equal to care in the city but closer to home.

“The two surgeries were exactly the same, but the care at WMMC prior exceeded my experience and expectations. Dr. Rupp had better communication and was flexible to create a custom post-op plan.” Bob said. “I was in and out within 24 hours, and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I had an amazing experience.”

Bob stated that every person at WMMC, from pre-op to post-op, checked in on him and ensured he was comfortable and knowledgeable of everything that was happening. Bob is proud to share about his surgery and how he trusted WMMC with improving his life.

Bob’s Message to Others Fighting Pain: Find a Great Surgeon and Embrace Rehab!

Bob now knows that being comfortable, energetic, and returning to everyday life is possible for people suffering from pain.

“Once I realized that I didn’t have to live with this pain anymore, my expectations for life were heightened,” he said. “If you are in pain, two things – talk to a surgeon at WMMC and fully embrace rehab.”

Bob emphasized that while finding the right surgeon is half the battle – the other half is ensuring that the patient is dedicated to rehab and working the body after the surgery.

Through these two tips, Bob was amazingly walking one day after surgery. He can now enjoy walks, numerous outdoor activities, and running his business, F & C Bank is so much easier. He is feeling the best he has felt in almost 40 years!



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