Elizabeth Yung’s journey to becoming a mom of three seemed unattainable as she had a low probability of becoming pregnant and carrying to term. Fortunately, she and her husband, Riley were pleasantly surprised when they learned they would become parents to their first child, Jamison, who was delivered at Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) Birthing Center on Jan. 31, 2013 by Dr. Jayne Brockhaus, of Family Practice Associates of Central Missouri.



Her story and love of our obstetrics team continued to grow from that moment on as Dr. Brockhaus delivered all three of her children: Jamison, 5 years; Beverly, 2 years and 10 months; and most recently, Eldon just 17 days ago in the WMMC Birthing Center.



Finding the Right Birthing Center

Elizabeth was ultimately drawn to WMMC after receiving positive feedback from friends who had delivered here and after hearing the news that we had newly remodeled birthing suites, which opened in 2012.

When asked why she continued to deliver at WMMC, she said, “Everything was so perfect with Jamison I couldn’t have imagined going anywhere else. They knew me by my name and it wasn’t just my last name or a number.”

All the nurses had built a relationship with her throughout her pregnancies and wanted to know about the Yung’s lives. She said everything they did was so personal, which built trust.

“Even the card that they sent out could have just been signed, but they wrote personal messages, like thank you for letting us take care of you, and we’re really hoping that your new house purchase works out. They treat me like family. In fact, Dr. Brockhaus always goes above and beyond. With Beverly, she [Dr. Brockhaus] couldn’t sleep because I was in the hospital in labor and my water had not broken. She got up at midnight and came to the hospital to break my water. It’s not just a job to her. She puts forth the worry and the effort. I absolutely adore her.”

“When you’re at your lowest point of humility and being exposed – it’s the WMMC birthing team that makes you feel comfortable.”


A Comforting Friend

“There was a time when I had a meltdown and started to cry after delivery. That’s when Amelia Richards, RN, WMMC Birthing Center, sat down with me, turned off her phone and let me have my moment. She went above and beyond to make sure I was okay. While it’s their job, they make it personal. It is a huge job. You are trusting them with your new baby whom you’ve never even gotten to hold. It’s amazing that you can rest after delivery and know you can trust that they will be okay.”


Closing a Chapter

Even though Elizabeth made the decision to have a tubal removal, successfully performed by Dr. Stephanie Long, she felt that the relationships she built with our nurses and providers were not over. She often sees members of her healthcare team in the community and they will remember her and her babies by name and stop to ask how they are doing!

Thank you Yung family for letting us be for your partner for life’s greatest journey and for sharing your story! Congratulations on your newest member of your sweet family, Eldon.


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