Why does Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) need a Foundation?

WMMC is a not-for-profit organization, and having the support from the WMMC Foundation is critical. Not only does the Foundation help support the hospital by providing community awareness, it also takes a huge step in helping raise funds to allow WMMC to continue providing the best care in the Johnson County region.

Put more simply, just like a house has a concrete foundation to hold it up and support it physically, a hospital foundation contributes financially to help hold up WMMC by providing resources needed for WMMC to stay on the cutting edge with the most efficient equipment, programs and services that otherwise might not be possible.

I pay taxes. Is the foundation really necessary?

Yes, the Foundation is necessary. Government funding is not sufficient to provide all the required equipment, technology, services and programs. The full cost of equipment has always been the responsibility of the hospital. The funds must come from the people who use the services of the local healthcare system and the Foundation is here to facilitate that giving, purchasing of new equipment/technology, replacing existing equipment, and helping to fund programs. We strive to provide our healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date and highest quality equipment to diagnose and treat all the patients at WMMC.

What does the WMMC Foundation support?

The WMMC Foundation promotes community awareness and a philanthropic culture to support the WMMC mission to provide high quality healthcare services that improve the wellness of our greater community.

The work of the WMMC Foundation ensure the availability of modern facilities and the most advanced technology right here at home, without the need to travel for care.

What specifically does the WMMC Foundation fund?

Donations made to the Foundation can help cover the cost of technology, equipment, services and treatments needed to continue providing exceptional patient care. It allows the hospital to continue its mission, to improve the health of our greater community by providing quality health care services, exceeding the expectations of those we serve.

WMMC is proud to partner with the community to make the most of every gift, whether large or small, to help provide a superior patient experience for every patient, every family, and every day.

How does my donation to the WMMC Foundation make a difference?

Your gift will enrich lives, save lives, and transform patient care. To continue to move patient care forward, we need your support — because the help you give now will help ensure the best health care will be there when it’s needed for you or someone you love.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. The Western Missouri Medical Center Foundation is a 509(a)3 nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.

Does the WMMC Foundation sell or give my name to other organizations?

No. The Foundation respects the rights and privacy of its donors. The personal information that you provide the Foundation is used solely to process your donation, maintain records of all contributions and keep you informed of the latest news and fundraising initiatives by sending annual reports, newsletters, etc.

If I donate to the WMMC Foundation, can I decide where my donation goes? Can I designate my gift to a specific area?

Yes! Your donation can be designated to a specific area of the hospital. This is impactful in a variety of ways. Simply designate where you would like your donation to go. Donations that are not designated are very important to fulfilling our mission – meeting the most urgent needs of the health system, providing the best possible care, and advancing innovative therapies and programs.

How can I donate to the WMMC Foundation?

Every gift matters and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our patients! Your investment in the WMMC Foundation will provide life-saving medical care now and for generations to come. With a variety of giving opportunities, there is a great fit for you. If you are interested in donating to the Foundation, please contact the Communications & Development office at (660) 262-7462.

How are funds raised?

Funds are raised through many different outlets and donors. Although the Foundation will host some fundraising events, our success is obtained through the generosity and support from our community members. We are very grateful to our community; with countless support from individuals, businesses, services clubs, and other organizations that provide the majority of our funding. Donations are made in various forms, for example, in memoriam, in honor, through grateful patient programs, legacy, and estate donations. Thank you once again for the generous support of all those who have contributed to the Western Missouri Medical Center Foundation.

For more questions regarding the Western Missouri Medical Center Foundation, please contact:

Jennie Snapp
Director of the WMMC Foundation
Director of Communications & Development, Western Missouri Medical Center
(660) 262-7464