Get to Know the WMMC Doctors: Jaswinder Singh, MD

Cancer Treatment in Warrensburg

Renowned and board-certified cancer specialist Jaswinder Singh, MD, leads the specialty oncology team at Western Missouri Cancer Center, the new home for cancer treatment in Warrensburg. 

Get to know more about Dr. Singh with his answers to some frequently asked questions. You can also contact Western Missouri Medical Center to learn more about all of our providers. 

Oncology Questions Answered by Dr. Singh

What kind of work do you do as an oncologist?

An oncologist is a doctor who specializes in treating patients with cancer. Oncology breaks down into three major areas: medical, surgical, and radiation. For Dr. Singh, the job of an oncologist is just as focused on patient comfort as it is treatment.

Dr Singh: “I would describe a lot of the work we do as compassionate care for all of our cancer patients. Whether it is designing a treatment plan or helping a patient figure out their social network issues for transportation or caregiver support, we need to keep kindness and compassion at the forefront. We help coordinate that care within our own teams, as well as outside facilities.”

How do patients come to Western Missouri Cancer Center?

Primary care physicians will refer most cancer patients to one of our oncologists, but that’s not the only way a patient can seek out cancer treatment in Warrensburg. 

Dr. Singh: “We have seen patients come to our service after admission to the emergency department for pain or severe symptoms from their disease. We can also have a patient referred to our service when they have an abnormal lab result or imaging report. Patients themselves can also seek out care from an oncologist for a second opinion after they have already had an evaluation and diagnosis from another physician.”

How do you determine the best treatment for your patients?

Options for cancer treatment in Warrensburg range from surgery and chemotherapy to other targeted medications. Western Missouri Cancer Center brings all of these treatment options under one roof for our patients.

Dr. Singh: “We are focused on our patients receiving the best treatments for their disease. We will never compromise their care for the sake of convenience. Almost all treatments and care can be accomplished through our wonderful infusion suite and hospital at WMMC.”

What are some common misconceptions about oncology?

Dr. Singh: “One myth I would debunk is that clinical trials or ‘research’ is only for patients as a last option. More and more, there are trials that allow patients to receive treatment in the first-line setting (no previous therapy given). We need to do a better job of offering trials to our patients.” 

What can patients do to help their treatments after diagnosis?

Managing cancer treatment at home can be a difficult task. Communication with your provider is important throughout your cancer treatment in Warrensburg. This is why the Western Missouri Cancer Center is available to answer questions when you need us. 

Dr. Singh: “It is possible to manage most symptoms from home through good compliance with over-the-counter and prescription medications. To the extent they can, we encourage patients to maintain a routine with their home and work. If they are able to continue with their social activities, they should connect with their friends and loved ones as this connection helps reduce stress and lets them keep people up to date with what they are going through.”

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