Real-Life Girl Talk: Menopause and Hormone Therapy


Real-Life, Girl-Talk Scenarios  

I was like many 40 somethings in my circle of friends. Exhausted and on a continuous hamster wheel that was my life. My days were filled with working full time and then some, as well as running my kids to endless piano, baseball and dance practices. Not to mention the routine household chores that I often let slide out of sheer exhaustion. All I wanted at the end of the day was to relax and recharge. Except that I never really felt like I was able to accomplish that. 

Queue the Symptoms of Menopause  

My marriage is solid and I love my husband of almost 20 years, but my sex drive was all but nonexistent. I had developed several other issues including trouble sleeping, weight gain, and issues with, anxiety, memory and inability to focus. 

During a girl’s weekend trip with my three closest friends, the discussion turned to sex, or in my case, lack thereof! My friend was going on about how good things were since she saw her gynecologist and started on hormone therapy with SottoPelle. Of course, we all wanted more information. The next Monday I made an appointment with Dr. Birchmier at Western Missouri Women’s Health Center. I had bloodwork and a consultation at which time I found out that my testosterone and estrogen levels were very low. 

Regaining Control of My Body

After discussing my options with Dr. Birchmier, I chose to start therapy right away. The pellets were put into place and were slowly absorbed at a constant rate over 4 months. I was super excited to get the benefit of improved sleep after just a few days and over the next two weeks I felt excitement as the person I used to be started to reemerge. Once again I felt energized and had a newfound sense of wellbeing. My sex drive returned as did my ability to climax (that’s right ladies, I said the big C. We shouldn’t be afraid to discuss these natural topics). My memory and focus were back! I no longer felt like I needed a pot of coffee and energy drinks to get through the day. In addition, I felt calmer and more capable of multitasking. 

These are real-life scenarios I see when caring for patients. While menopause is a normal transition in life, you do not have to go through it alone. There are options to regain control of your body. 

What is SottoPelle Therapy? 

This is a personalized treatment to provide the right kind of hormones and amounts that that your body’s needs during this change, using a delivery method that releases a natural amount of hormones as your body needs it. SottoPelle can restore hormone levels to normal ranges, while safely and effectively resolving the symptoms associated with hormone imbalance.

Think you might be suffering? Take this quiz.

To get more information on hormone therapy, call Western Missouri Women’s Health Center at 660-429-2228.   


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