Sarah’s Story: WMMC is My Partner for Life Saving Care 

Sarah’s Story: WMMC is My Partner for Life Saving Care

Sarah Stone and Britt Smith with their newborn, Hollyn Rue

Warrensburg, MO (January 12, 2021)— At Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC), we hope for all deliveries to go as planned, but we always prepare for the unexpected. Some of these unexpected events occurred when Sarah Stone and Britt Smith welcomed their new baby, Hollyn Rue, on Aug. 21, 2020, with Dr. Birchmier in our Birthing Center.

You would not know it from looking at these photos, but Sarah’s story had a few scary, unplanned twists. Not only was her baby transverse requiring a C-section, but she also had an allergic reaction to her medication shortly after birth. Her nurse, Amy, was immediately by her side and did not leave except for a few breaks during her entire shift.

But Sarah’s story doesn’t end there. At 4:00 am on Saturday, exhausted after bringing her baby into the world and fighting hours of an allergic reaction, she unexpectedly hemorrhaged. The entire WMMC team flew into action to save her life. Sarah was traumatized and scared, but WMMC moved swiftly to get her the life-saving care she needed.

After a blood transfusion, hours of work, and lots of close attention, Sarah and baby Hollyn were discharged and are now at home, happy and healthy with Dad and Hollyn’s two other siblings!

“Everyone was phenomenal,” Sarah said. “Dr. Perkins, the anesthesiologist, was amazing. Dr. Birchmeir was awesome during the C-section – and a special shout out to Amy, Lisa, Bobby Jo, and Kaitlyn for all the care they gave me. They were literally like my sisters during this whole process.”

Sarah shared just how hard it was to go through this traumatic process without her family joining her because of COVID-19. Still, she was also incredibly grateful for her team of nurses who showered her with hugs and support to care for their whole family.

“Because of COVID-19 and other reasons, I was concerned about giving birth at a rural healthcare facility – but now, I couldn’t imagine receiving care anywhere else besides WMMC,” Sarah shared with us.

We are so happy that Sarah and Hollyn are doing well, and we are excited for their whole family to welcome their new baby home! Thank you for choosing Western Missouri Medical Center.














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