TogethER: Transforming Emergency Care



We’re proud of the quality achievements we’ve seen in our Emergency Room. However, our work is never done – we have high expectations for the ER and our current structure is limiting our ability to adapt to evolving processes.

To help bring advanced care to our community, the WMMC Foundation has launched its campaign to raise $200,000 to renovate the Emergency Room. This renovation will increase the number of Fast-track rooms, which are areas dedicated to treating the less clinically ill. It will allow us to enhance the flow, patient care and privacy and reduce the length of stay for our patients in the ER.  Additionally, we will modify rooms with advanced airflow features that will help contain viruses, such as COVID-19.

Project Highlights

We currently see 21,000 patients a year in the Emergency Room
60% of those patients could be seen in the fast-track
Since 2017, the patients discharged in 90 minutes went from 15 – 57%
Additionally, we are converting two of the rooms to have negative air pressure

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