WMMC Patient Profiles: Bob Mickey, knee replacement 

Knee replacement in Warrensburg

When Bob Mickey, a long-time resident of Holden, Missouri, needed a second knee replacement surgery, he turned to the expertise of Dr. Aaron Rupp at Western Missouri Bone and Joint, part of Western Missouri Medical Center. 

Read on for Bob’s story and his experiences with knee replacement in Warrensburg at WMMC.

Bob’s story 

At 16-years old, Bob suffered a significant knee injury playing sports. At 19, Bob experienced a similar injury on his other knee, ending any chance of participating in high-intensity sports for the rest of his life. 

“I loved playing sports,” Bob said. “I played football and ran track competitively, and at 16, when I blew my knee out, you could hear the crack on the field.

“It was the worst pain of my life.”

For the next few decades, Bob sought treatments, cures, and other ways of coping with the strain he felt on his knees. Several surgeries later, the pain remained, and its intensity caused his left knee to bow in, making it too painful to walk. 

Doctors told Bob he had many issues, from a lack of cartilage in both knees causing bone-on-bone grinding to a completely detached ACL. His entire knee structure resembled that of a 90-year-old when Bob was only 58. 

Bob had his first knee replacement surgery at a Kansas City facility with a highly recommended doctor. But when it came time for work on his other knee, Bob decided to have his knee replaced in Warrensburg with Dr. Rupp and WMMC.

“The two surgeries were exactly the same, but the care at WMMC exceeded my prior experience and expectations,” Bob said. “Dr. Rupp had better communication and was flexible to create a custom post-op plan. I was in and out within 24 hours, and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I had an amazing experience.”

Bob’s experience with every staff member at WMMC, from pre-op to post-op, was exceptional. The staff checked in on him and made sure he was comfortable, and they answered questions he had about his surgery to ensure he knew what to expect. 

It took decades for Bob to seek out full knee replacement, but after his experiences with Western Missouri Bone and Joint, he encourages anyone suffering from joint or bone pain to reach out to the wonderful staff at WMMC.

“Once I realized I didn’t have to live with this pain anymore, my expectations for life were heightened,” Bob said. “If you are in pain, two things—talk to a surgeon at WMMC, and fully embrace the rehab.”

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Follow Bob’s advice, visit WMMC for your bone and joint needs

Bob experienced discomfort and pain in his knees for decades before turning to the joint and bone experts at WMMC, and he encourages everyone to learn from his mistakes. 

Dr. Rupp and the rest of the team at Western Missouri Bone and Joint are ready to help you alleviate any issues you might be experiencing, from simple sprains to total joint replacement.

Reach out today or schedule a virtual visit to experience the same level of care Bob and hundreds of other patients in Western Missouri have received from WMMC.