WMMC Patient Profiles: Michael Meloy, Emergency Room

Emergency Room in Warrensburg

Michael Meloy, a local resident and business owner, found himself in need of emergency service late one night while experiencing extreme symptoms of pancreatitis. So, Michael turned to Western Missouri Medical Center’s emergency room in Warrensburg for care.

Continue reading Michael’s story and learn why he chooses WMMC as his partner for medical care.

Michael’s Story

Late one night, after putting his children to bed, Michael started to feel a sharp pain in his abdomen. 

“I had a lot of pain that wasn’t going away,” Michael said.

Michael had felt similar pain for weeks, but the intensity of this pain concerned him. Eventually, Michael decided he needed an emergency room in Warrensburg, so he made his way to WMMC. 

“I remember driving myself to the emergency room and (walking) through the front door, and I was so grateful that they were able to get me in so quickly,” Michael said.

When Michael entered the front door, he was immediately greeted by a friendly face who began taking down his information. Less than 10 minutes later, a nurse came to the waiting room to take Michael back. 

“We weren’t even done with the paperwork yet, and a nurse came out to get ready to take me back,” Michael said.

After a series of tests, the WMMC medical staff determined Michael was suffering from pancreatitis and began his treatment. Once taken care of, Michael couldn’t help but sing the praises of the staff that handled his emergency care. 

“I had a really great experience through the emergency room. I can’t say enough things about the nurses and doctors and everybody that was in that staff,” Michael said. “The level of care was outstanding.”

Michael also appreciated that the medical staff that treated him were fellow Warrensburg residents. 

“How cool is it when you live in a small town like Warrensburg, you have the opportunity to run into your surgeon or you run into the nurses in the emergency room (outside of the hospital),” Michael said. “That doesn’t happen in big city hospitals, but it does happen in Warrensburg and it happens at Western Missouri Medical Center.” 

WMMC is your trusted emergency room in Warrensburg

If you need emergency room service in the Warrensburg area, trust WMMC to deliver the same level of care as Michael received. We are certified as a Level III Trauma, Stroke and STEMI Center, meaning we are prepared to treat you in the most critical situations.

If you have any further questions about emergency care at WMMC, contact us today or schedule an appointment in our ER with the Save My Spot tool.