WMMC to Host 8-Week Diabetes Education and Empowerment Program

Warrensburg, MO — Western Missouri Medical Center’s Diabetes Education and Empowerment Program (DEEP) will begin on March 7, offering an 8-week journey for individuals seeking to better understand and manage their diabetes.

DEEP is taught by certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists Kendra Butner, MSN, BC/FNP, CDCES; Ciara Pennock, FNP; and Cierra Lawson, BSN, RN, CDCES, CPN. The program is entirely free for anyone committed to learning how to manage their diagnosis.

“No one person can manage their diabetes diagnosis on their own,” said Lawson. “My role as an educator is to teach people, and I believe that knowledge is power. A healthy life with well-managed diabetes is achievable with the right tools and support. Providing patients with the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ of their diagnosis helps them become more active and empowered in their care. Delivering that information in a way that they can understand is vital to patients feeling confident in managing their own diagnosis.”

Held every Thursday from 6-8 p.m., the program combines interactive games, engaging activities, and insightful conversations to provide a comprehensive approach to diabetes education. Completion of the program earns participants a certificate, symbolizing their commitment to proactive diabetes management.

The program is designed for anyone who:

  • Does not know how to manage their diabetes
  • Has fears of future complications from diabetes
  • Wants to learn more on how to eat and prepare meals for a diabetes diagnosis
  • Is confused by the technology and devices for diabetes
  • Is a caregiver for someone with diabetes

Topics addressed in this comprehensive program include:

  • The human body and its response to diabetes
  • Risk factors for diabetes
  • Preventing and identifying complications
  • Discovering the right diet and meal planning
  • Understanding medications and technology options available
  • Finding the right physical activity for your needs
  • Meeting with other individuals with similar diagnosis and a sense of community
  • Daily life with diabetes and empowering family and friends to support you

Registration is required for this free program, and space is limited. Register for DEEP online at wmmc.com/DEEP.

Register for DEEP

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