WMMC Announces Emergency Room Remodel To Decrease Patient Wait Times

WMMC Announces Emergency Room Remodel To Decrease Patient Wait Times

Blueprints of the new Emergency Room construction.


Warrensburg, MO (December 22, 2020)— We are proud to announce that the Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) Foundation has achieved the goal of raising $200,000 to help fund the “TogethER: Transforming Emergency Care” project that costs $350,000. The largest portion of the remodel of the Emergency Room began in January. This remodel will accommodate more patients with shorter wait times, reduce airborne illness exposure, increase privacy, and provide better security.

Renovations include expanding the current number of “fast track” rooms from three to seven. These rooms are dedicated to treating the less clinically ill and designed to enhance patient care. WMMC implemented fast track rooms in 2017, which resulted in shorter wait times and fewer patients leaving without being seen. The ER currently treats approximately 21,000 patients every year, and about 60% of ER patients could be seen in this new fast track area. The current fast track area consists of three rooms and 57% of patients seen in the fast track area were discharged within 90 minutes.

As a result of COVID-19, WMMC has seen an extensive need to reduce exposure to airborne illnesses. This project will also include two negative air pressure rooms. These are isolation rooms that prevent airborne illnesses from leaving the room when the door is opened by having a lower air pressure in the room than the air outside the room. Contaminated air is removed and filtered, reducing the spread of any potential illness. Our waiting room will also have enhanced ventilation to reduce exposure to airborne illnesses.

“We have high expectations for our hospital to provide quality, evidence based care,” says Darinda J. Dick, President/CEO. “We’ve proven that these fast track rooms will help meet the growing needs of the community and allow the emergency department to provide an even higher level of care.”

WMMC has received many quality achievements including a Level III Stroke, STEMI, and Trauma Center, The Healthgrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award, and Award American Heart Association STEMI Bronze Award.

The construction of the negative air pressure rooms began December 2 and construction of the new fast track rooms will begin January 1. The project is projected to be completed by April 1st and celebrated with a small ribbon cutting. Construction will not impact WMMC’s ability to care for patients and appreciates the patience from everyone during these changes.

WMMC would like to thank the WMMC Foundation for contributing $200,000 for this remodel. In January of 2020, the WMMC Foundation announced its commitment to raise $200,000 towards the remodel of the ER. The completion of this project, “TogethER: Transforming Emergency Care,” was made possible through many gifts made to the WMMC Foundation this year, including events, business and individual donations. “We’re humbled that, in a year with so much uncertainty, our community was able to come together to help us reach our fundraising goal,” said Kathleen Brandt, WMMC Foundation Board President. “We know that the emergency room renovations will make a meaningful impact in the patient experience, and we are proud to support this project.”


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