The Huddlestons’ Story: My Partner for Family Healthcare

Crystal and Lane Huddleston with Dr. Jason Snowden, and the team at
Family Practice of Central Missouri – Warrensburg.

The Huddlestons’ Partner Healthcare

Crystal and Danny Huddleston and their three children from Sedalia, MO, began their journey at Western Missouri Medical Center (WMMC) when Jason Snowden, M.D., delivered their two youngest children, Dillon and Lane. When the youngest boy, Lane, was delivered, he was immediately rushed to Children’s Mercy. Doctors quickly found that he was born with only one kidney and several of his other internal systems were underdeveloped.

With doctors and specialists telling Crystal and Danny that Lane was going to need intensive care as he continued to grow older, they quickly began to worry about how they were going to continue to get Lane the care that he needed. Not only was Children’s Mercy a two-hour drive from their home, but they had two other children to care for and their careers were in Sedalia. They had also been warned that not every doctor would provide the intensive care that Lane required, because he would need a provider who had a deep understanding of his conditions.

Unsure of what was in store for their family, Crystal did the only thing she knew to do – visit their long time family doctor, Dr. Snowden, at Family Practice of Central Missouri – Warrensburg.

Lane’s Partner for Pediatric Care

After speaking with Dr. Snowden about Lane’s condition and healthcare needs, Dr. Snowden agreed to provide care for Lane.

“Dr. Snowden has continued to care for Lane even through the struggles where other doctors may have said to take all of his care to Children’s Mercy,” Crystal said. “But I don’t want to drive two hours if it’s not an emergency.”

If Lane is having an issue that needs attention, Dr. Snowden always offered for Crystal and Danny bring Lane in to see if there was anything he could do for Lane first. Dr. Snowden always goes out of his way to do everything he can for Lane, even working with Children’s Mercy to decide what the best plan of care was for Lane. He would always be honest on if it was an issue he could take care of and save them the two-hour drive, or if it was in Lane’s best interest to go to Children’s Mercy and see a specialist.

Dr. Snowden talking to Lane’s mom, Crystal while examining Lane’s wrist after a fall.

Twelve years later, the Huddlestons can’t imagine having any other doctor. They love how the staff know the whole family by name and go out of their way to make sure Lane is comfortable. Because the care for Lane’s condition is so complicated, Dr. Snowden has helped the family to live a more normal life than they could have ever imagined.

The Huddlestons don’t just use Dr. Snowden for Lane’s intensive care, they see him for all of their healthcare needs. Crystal saw him for her OB/GYN needs, Dillon goes for his yearly checkups, and Dr. Snowden even casted Lane’s broken wrist right in his office.

“We wouldn’t think of going to another doctor – and it’s not just Dr. Snowden. The entire office here has supported us for the last 12 years,” Crystal states when talking about their visits.

Robbie Long, one of the Huddlestons’ favorite nurses, giving
Lane a hug before she surprised him with a box of candy!

The whole family has seen him for one reason or another, and they always say it’s worth the drive to see Dr. Snowden and the whole clinic’s team.

Lane’s Partner for Rehabilitation

Along their journey, when Lane was three years old, Crystal realized that different noises or textures would irritate him easily. He would need his blankets tucked tight around him, or Lane was struggling to eat certain foods. Again, unsure of the answer to her concerns, Crystal took him to see Dr. Snowden.

Immediately Dr. Snowden realized that Lane most likely had Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) a disorder that can cause a person to be overwhelmed by their senses. He requested Lane be evaluated at WMMC’s Rehabilitation Department. That’s how the Huddleston’s met Jennifer Bentley, MOT, OTR/L, an Occupational Therapist at the Rehab Services Department.

Lane and Jennifer Bentley, MOT, OTR/L, during his occupational therapy.

Because Lane was so medically complex, Crystal and Danny didn’t realize that many of the behaviors Lane expressed weren’t due to his medical conditions – they were caused by the SPD. Jennifer was very thorough when evaluating him. She worked with Crystal and Danny to create a plan that would not only help Lane, but a plan that was also realistic for Crystal to work into her life while raising three children.

“Jennifer is so thorough and she adapts her personality and therapy to meet your child’s needs,” Crystal said when talking about how Lane has progressed through therapy. “And it’s not just about your child. It’s also about you and how your whole family is and she understands that the therapy she gives you can be very overwhelming. We were doing several therapy sessions every single day and she would help me figure out how to fit all of that in.”

Years later, Lane has graduated from his therapy with Jennifer, but he still sees her around the halls; and she always makes an effort to check in on him to make sure he’s doing well.

The Huddleston’s Partner for Healthcare

The Huddlestons’ continue to use WMMC for all of their healthcare needs, because they truly believe you will not find a team like WMMC’s anywhere else.

From the doctors like Dr. Snowden, to nurses like Robbie and Dollie and the therapists like Jennifer, to even Hubert, the friendly floor tech that cleans the waiting areas and always says hi in the hallways, there is always a friendly face that knows your name to help you on your journey. They believe that having a great relationship with their healthcare team has changed their lives, and they wouldn’t find that anywhere else than with the WMMC team.

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