WMMC Foundation’s Annual Day of Giving Generates Community Support for Local Healthcare

The Western Missouri Medical Center Foundation’s annual Day of Giving on May 7 serves as a chance for the Foundation to promote its mission, inform the community about its projects, build community connections, and raise funds for the hospital.

“In the not-for-profit realm, it’s typical to celebrate Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving,” said Jennie Snapp, Director of Communications & Development at WMMC. “But when the pandemic struck in March of 2020, we needed to raise funds quickly for COVID-19 relief and couldn’t wait until November. Because of this, we initiated the Day of Giving in May and received such overwhelming support that we decided to adopt it annually.”

The 2024 Day of Giving will support the Foundation’s largest-ever capital campaign, which aims to enhance WMMC’s diagnostic capabilities and bring cutting-edge medical technology to the community.


The Capital Campaign: Raising the Bar for Local Healthcare 

In 2023, the WMMC Foundation launched a capital campaign to raise $1 million for a state-of-the-art PET/CT scanner. This technology will improve diagnostic imaging for patients, particularly in stroke, cardiac, and cancer care.

Currently, the hospital relies on a mobile PET scanner that visits the facility once a week; a stationary PET/CT scanner would provide access around the clock.

“It typically costs over $1 million to buy this kind of equipment, but we found the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Snapp. “We connected with another hospital that had purchased a brand-new PET/CT machine. That hospital closed, leaving the machine unused in its original packaging, giving us the chance to purchase it.”

Thanks to this opportunity, the campaign funds will not only cover the cost of the new scanner but also assist WMMC with the necessary renovations in the hospital space. This remodeling will enable WMMC to fully integrate the new technology and provide advanced care to the community.

Generous contributions from hospital staff, providers, and community members, have showcased their commitment to local healthcare. These collective donations have already raised $750,000 for the campaign, leaving just $250,000 remaining to reach the goal.

“The community’s response to this project has been outstanding, with many individuals stepping up to donate,” said Snapp.


The Impact of Day of Giving 

The Day of Giving provides a special opportunity for community members, particularly those considering donations, to contribute to the Foundation’s capital campaign.  

“We typically raise about $20,000 during our Day of Giving,” said Snapp. “Many people choose that day to make their donation. Seeing individuals come into the office or send letters is impactful. It’s moving to witness community members choose to support us.” 

By contributing, you can help the Foundation complete its capital campaign and secure the new PET/CT scanner for WMMC, enhancing patient care and expanding access to advanced healthcare for everyone. 

“We invite you to join us on May 7 for the Day of Giving,” said Snapp. “Every donation, big or small, plays a key role in acquiring this state-of-the-art equipment and advancing healthcare in our community. We deeply value your support.”


Support the WMMC Foundation

To participate in the Day of Giving, you can make a donation online at wmmc.com/dayofgiving, visit the Communications and Development Department in person, or send your contribution by mail:

Western Missouri Medical Center Foundation
Attn: Communications & Development Office
403 Burkarth Road
Warrensburg, MO 64093

All checks, securities, deeds, bequests, and other legal documents should be made payable or transferable to Western Missouri Medical Center Foundation. The WMMC Foundation is certified as a 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(3) organization. Gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

For more information or frequently asked questions about the WMMC Foundation, visit the WMMC Foundation FAQ page.

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